All of our Forum Programs & Chapter Events can be held virtually or in-person to suit your needs.

Forum Retreat Programs

What would your Forum like to explore?

Our talented team of Facilitators is ready to guide you in one of our highly engaging 6- to 12-hour Retreat programs.

First Forum Retreat

Embark on your first Forum Retreat with a simple structure for growth and depth, culminating in developing a plan for the coming year.

Forum 2.0® Retreat

Forum 2.0® is the next stage of a high-value Forum experience, ideal for mature, healthy Forums. Learn a suite of new tools, processes and value boosters from around the globe, presented in a highly interactive format.

Goalkeepers™ Retreat

The Goalkeepers™ Retreat is a unique opportunity to look at where you are today, decide where you want to be tomorrow, and create a road map to get there successfully.

Forum Wellness Retreat

A revitalizing opportunity for your Forum to review the basics, raise value, and work on issues and relationships within your Forum. The program is customized based on your Forum's needs.

Business Deep Dive Retreat

Business exploration on a deeper level: each member presents a business overview and uses the collective wisdom of the Forum to tackle issues, identify KPIs, and set goals.

Leadership Development Retreat

This retreat provides a study of several leadership styles, traits, and characteristics. The Forum engages in a series of assessments and exercises to explore the application of strong, healthy leadership practices.

Transitions Retreat

Through a series of thought-provoking exercises, discussions, and introspection, each member assesses upcoming life transitions, explores transformational opportunities, and develops a plan to prepare and manage these transitions.

My Legacy Retreat

An opportunity to contemplate your life purpose and what you want your legacy to be. Each Forum member explores eight key legacy aspects, including family, financial, fitness, professional, and philanthropy.

Custom Forum Retreat

A ForumSherpa Certified Facilitator comes alongside you to create a totally unique, transformative experience. Forum depth, self-awareness, leadership development, strategic planning — these are just a few of the topics we're ready to customize to your Forum.

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Forum Boost Programs

Our 4-hour Forum Boost programs can be delivered as a Forum Meeting or combined to form a unique retreat experience.

Forum Focus

  • Forum Mission, Vision & Values
  • Forum Norms/Constitution Development
  • Forum Goal Setting & Accountability
  • Annual Forum Theme: Selection & Planning
  • Creative Forum Meeting Boosters
  • Forum Health & Conflict Resolution
  • Annual Forum Planning

Individual Focus

  • My Business — Strategy Stack
  • My Leadership Style
  • Understanding Personalities with DiSC
  • My Personal Vision Plan
  • My Personal Core Values
  • My Financial Fitness
  • My Annual Checkup: Business & Personal
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Alternative Programs

Our Facilitators offer a range of guidance from self-facilitated retreat planning to online forum training for individuals.

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Self-Facilitated Retreats

For Forums on a budget or just interested in facilitating their own retreat, ForumSherpa offers customized retreat program planning services to suit your Forum's needs.

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Retreat Planning Services

While most opt for a fully customized Self-Facilitated Retreat Program, some Forums prefer a simpler solution: we can prepare only your retreat curriculum, content, and exercises as a single service.

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Online Forum Training & Orientation

Small groups outside the EO/YPO network occasionally need training for new members. Because they are not part of a larger organization, they may not have access to training for new members. We can help!

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Moderator Coaching

Moderators and Group Facilitators face a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Imagine having a coach to guide you through the process. Now you can!

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