Stan Higgins

ForumSherpa Certified Facilitator

An enthusiastic EO’r leading one of Canada’s fastest growing companies who recognizes the unlimited potential ROI of Forum and the capacity for Forum 2.0® to maximize the Forum investment. Stan’s multiple EO Forums run on Forum 2.0®, giving him a practical perspective to help Forums harness the transformative power of Forum 2.0® and unleash the boundless potential of their groups.

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• EO Member Forums
• YPO Member Forums
• Independent Forums
• Peer Groups
• Corporate Team Leaders
• Senior Leadership Teams
• C-Suite Executives
• Non-Profit Leaders


• Forum Basics
• Forum 2.0®
• Goal Setting

My Story

Stan is an EO’r who recognizes the Entrepreneurs Organization as an incredible resource with unlimited potential ROI for those who are willing to show up and participate wholeheartedly. Since joining EO in 2015, he has grown his business 16X with many successes directly related to EO events, relationships and forum experiences.

In 2023, VersaPile Inc., Stan’s company which specializes in helical pile foundations to support vital infrastructure, was named one of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. For the past 6 years Stan has been an active member of 2 Forums. In 2022, while on forum retreat, he and his Forum mates were introduced to Forum 2.0®. Forum 2.0® offered a format as well as tools which greatly amplified the Forum’s ROI. Stan’s goal in becoming a Forum 2.0® Certified Facilitator is to maximize the ROI of his continued investment in Forums while helping other Forums achieve the same.

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