MB Gustitus

ForumSherpa Certified Facilitator

MaryBeth “MB” Gustitus wears many hats: entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, motivational speaker, and behavioral analyst, to name a few. She specializes in guiding people to personal transformation and breakthroughs, and helps Forums build their culture, strengthen their bond, and grow personally and professionally.


• EO Member Forums
• YPO Member Forums
• Spouse/Partner Forums
• Independent Forums
• Peer Groups
• Corporate Team Leaders
• Franchisors and Franchisees
• Facilitators & Coaches


• Master Practitioner, NLP
• Certified Behavioral Analyst DISC
• Certified Professional Coach


• Forum Basics
• Forum 2.0®
• Strategic Planning
• Goal Setting
• Accountability
• Building Trust
• Leadership Development
• Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Teambuilding
• Transitions
• Life Design
• Conflict Resolution
• Teambuilding
• Transitions
• Life Design
• Priorities & Time Management
• Effective Marketing Strategies
• Behavioral Dynamics DISC
• Values

My Story

MaryBeth “MB” Gustitus is an entrepreneur, coach, leader, educator, and speaker who has dedicated over three decades of her life to empowering individuals and organizations to unlock their true potential. Throughout her career, MB has earned a reputation for her exceptional ability to inspire and guide others in discovering their purpose, passion, and personal superpower.

MB is a Transformational Coach and a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and MER®(Mental, Emotional Release), as well as a Certified Behavioral Analyst. She possesses a unique toolkit to facilitate profound breakthrough results in all areas of life.

MB has experience in building effective teams and leading at a high level to result in success through others. She excels working with groups and teams to drive positive change, foster collaboration and create a high performing culture. She is known for her high energy and her ability to combine “straight talk” and humor resulting in an engaging, fun, and productive learning experience.

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