Mark Sanna

ForumSherpa Certified Expert Facilitator

Mark is a professional coach and ForumSherpa Certified Expert Facilitator. An Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Member for over a decade, Mark works with individuals, EO and YPO Member and Spousal Forums, and corporate teams to inspire them to dig deeper and reach higher.


• EO Member Forums
• YPO Member Forums
• Spouse & Life Partner Forums
• Independent Forums
• Peer Groups
• Young Adult Forums
• Corporate Team Leaders
• Senior Leadership Teams
• C-Suite Executives
• Franchisors & Franchisees
• Facilitators & Coaches
• Non-Profit Leaders
• Military Leaders
• Church Leaders


• Certified STAAR™ Navigator
• BTC Certified Coach
• Forum 2.0® Certified
• ForumSherpa Certified Expert Facilitator


• Forum 2.0®
• Strategic Planning
• Goal Setting
• Accountability
• Building Trust
• Business Deep Dive
• Leadership Development
• Conflict Resolution
• Legacy & Transitions
• Life Design
• Time Management
• Effective Meeting Strategies
• Vivid Vision Boarding
• Boost for Mature Forums


$3,000 – $5,000 depending on the length of facilitation

"Mark did an incredible job providing our Forum with tools and processes to help improve our Forum dynamic."

— Vijay, EO Austin Forum

My Story

Mark is a professional Coach and Forum 2.0® Certified Facilitator. An Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) Member for over a decade, Mark has served two terms as the President of the South Florida Chapter. He uses his experience to help Forums improve alignment and maximize their Forum experience. His expertise includes the popular Forum Boost retreat that helps Forums build a pipeline of high-quality presentations by streamlining their monthly update, coaching, and presentation processes. Mark works with individuals, EO and YPO Member and Spousal Forums and Corporate teams to inspire them to dig deeper and reach higher.

Mark begins each retreat with in-depth planning involving the retreat planner and Forum Moderator. He sends a pre-retreat survey to all Forum Members to ensure the retreat is custom designed to ensure expectations are met and exceeded. He also provides a custom workbook of exercises to each attendee. Mark’s goal is to engage the Forum and help them reach deeper levels of personal and business growth. His Bringing Your Core Values Alive and Goal Achievement retreats are always rated highly for take away value.

Mark helps mature Forums derive greater value from their Forum experience through Forum 2.0® technology. This includes the techniques of Walk in My Shoes, Debate, Brainstorming, Six Thinking Hats, and Cloaking. These tools help Forum members achieve the maximum level of experience sharing while maintaining the safe and confidential environment of trust and respect, crucial to a successful Forum.

The founder and CEO of Breakthrough Coaching, an international personal and business coaching company, Mark is the author of four books, including his latest publication: Breakthrough the Insanity: Embrace Positive Change in Business & Life. He believes that every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision, and change and that embracing positive change is the key to your success in business and life. According to Mark, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. When you accept change, learn from it, and become all the better for experiencing it, change is no longer the enemy. It becomes your teacher.”

Mark is based in Miami, where his local knowledge helps Forums access the best retreat experiences in South Florida. He is also an avid global traveler and enjoys working with Forums in the location of their choice. Mark is available for 8-hour retreats for $3,500 plus travel. He also provides 4-hour retreats in the Miami area for $2,000.

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