Joe Lindenmayer

ForumSherpa Certified Facilitator

Joe Lindenmayer is an Entrepreneur, Husband/Father, and Combat Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Having started, operated, and sold several businesses, Joe is a passionate developer of Teams and believes Leadership is the ultimate Force Multiplier. He enjoys faciliating, speaking, and working with organizations of all sizes to help Leaders and their Team Members make a difference.


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"Joe observed well and catered the material to our group well."

— John, YPO Southern 7 Forum

My Story

As a Marine sitting in his M60A-2 tank waiting to cross the minefield into Kuwait in 1991, Joe realized life was fleeting and it needed balance to be fully enjoyed. Over his nearly 30 years since, he’s been the co-owner of a 210+ unit Franchise company, started several other businesses, selling several, and from 2015-2019 was leading the $240MM Franchising division for California Closets.

Recently leaving his Corporate roles and purchasing the California Closets Franchise in the Gulf Coast, he focuses his time on family, work and friends. Joe enjoyed helping form the Kuyahoora Valley Foundation, along with childhood friends, to give back to their community, which has given over $500,000 to date.

Some of Joe’s skills outside of business operations and ownership involve mentoring Veterans as a former Chair of the VetFran Committee within the International Franchise Association Foundation. Joe also teaches the skills of Coaching, Goal Setting, Priority Management and being the Brand Advocate within FirstService Brands, helping publish a Harvard Business School case study focusing on Customer Loyalty.

Having participated in multiple Forums and working Flight Groups over the years, Joe joined ForumSherpa in 2019 and has worked with YPO, EO and other organizations around their culture, meeting structure, and making the most out of their time and investment. He has a wife of 21 years and a teenage daughter he loves deeply and splits his time between Atlanta and New Orleans.

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