Don’t Snooze During Forum


Have you ever seen a member nod off during Forum? It may not be a reflection on the moderator, the agenda or the subject at hand. It just happens. Maybe the room is too warm, a member didn’t sleep the night before or lunch was too heavy.

Skip the Sugar

There are better ways to perk up the group without pushing more coffee or putting out cookies for a sugar boost. Get everybody moving. It only takes a minute, literally, to restore energy and interest. There are plenty of activities you can do in any environment, whether it’s a cramped meeting room or a public space.

It Doesn’t Have to be Yoga

The movement can be as simple as having everyone stand and stretch.  Try leading members in this simple upper body stretch.

  1. Begin by telling everyone to take a deep breath and exhale as they complete each move.
  2. Raise your arms straight up, then lace them together and turn your palms toward the ceiling.
  3. With your arms still raised stretch to one side by bending at the waist. Return to standing and repeat on the other side.
  4. Drop your hands to your sides and do a shoulder shrug. Raise your shoulders as though you want them to touch your head and relax.
  5. You can add a shoulder roll, too, by moving your shoulders in a small circle.
  6. Finish by rolling your head by turning your chin to one side, roll your chin down toward your chest and up to the other side.

Stretch the Smile Muscles, Too

There are plenty of ways you can wake everyone up in Forum with a bit of fun. Cue up a song on your phone’s music app and play musical chairs. In Eating Smart and Moving More the author suggests playing the Name Game. Each person must come up with a movement that starts with the same letter as their first name. Sam can do a sit up. (If Sarah is wearing a skirt it’s probably best to modify her move!) Jean can do a jumping jack. And so on.

You can emulate a sports activity. Play volleyball or shoot hoops with an imaginary ball. You can show each other your golf swing.  And the best part is – you can have a terrible swing and it won’t matter one bit.

The ideas for movement are limitless. Whatever you do for a minute or two is bound to restore everyone’s energy and interest. Plus, it will take Forum members from sleepy to smiling for the rest of the meeting.