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Expertly navigate the peaks, valleys, and plateaus that inevitably occur in every Forum. ForumSherpa’s expert-level guides are strictly for Forums and peer teams that want the highest value from their Forum experience.

Getting Started Guide for New Forums

Starting a new Forum? The Getting Started Guide for New Forums is a roadmap for the first six months of a new Forum.

The guide is written for the leader of a new Forum or peer team. Includes:

  • do’s and don’ts for the first meeting,
  • a six month meeting agenda template,
  • icebreaker exercises and several meeting tools.

Additionally, the guide offers several worksheets and forms including a Monthly Update form, Business Bio form, Presenter Preparation Worksheet, Coaching Worksheet and more!

Get the Guide ($19.95)

Forum Conflict Resolution Guide

Is your forum in conflict? The Forum Conflict Resolution Guide provides a roadmap to understanding and handling conflict.

It covers types of conflict, symptoms of conflict, step-by-step processes for managing conflicts, examples and exercises – all for handling group conflict.

The guide provides a structured process for addressing issues with the entire Forum (or peer team) and a summary checklist for handling conflicts. Several alternative processes and exercises are offered to address unique situations.

Conflicts are inevitable – be prepared!

Get the Guide ($19.95)

Forum Annual Themes Guide

Annual themes are a tool to align the Forum around a specific theme for the year. It is popular with healthy, mature Forums that want to learn and grow together on a specific focused area. Selecting an annual theme enables the Forum to share, learn and grow together in relation to a specific aspect of professional or personal life. Like the oarsman in a rowing crew, everyone is working together and moving in the same direction to achieve a shared goal.

Get the Annual Themes Guide ($19.95)

Forum Retreat Planning Guide, 3rd Edition

Designed to benefit both newly-formed and long-established Forums, the 17 chapters of this book are filled with a spectrum of insights on how to plan and execute a high-value small group retreat. With 259 pages of retreat planning guidelines and exercises, this book is ideal for all retreat planners–from a novice Forum planning its very first annual retreat to a seasoned, mature Forum planning its 30th! Available for purchase on Amazon.com

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