Forum Retreat Planning Guide

Forum Retreat Planning Guide, 3rd Edition

In celebration of the tenth anniversary of the initial printing of the Forum Retreat Planning Guide, Ellie Byrd and ForumSherpa are pleased to release the updated third edition! Just like its predecessors, this edition is packed with all the same Forum wisdom as before, refreshed with a host of new ideas, and enhanced with a myriad of both new and updated exercises.

Designed to benefit both newly-formed and long-established Forums, the 17 chapters of this book are filled with a spectrum of insights on how to plan and execute a high-value small group retreat. With 259 pages of retreat planning guidelines and exercises, this book is ideal for all retreat planners–from a novice Forum planning its very first annual retreat to a seasoned, mature Forum planning its 30th!

According to Russell Smith, President of RTS Associates in Atlanta, GA: “The first time my Forum planned a retreat, we didn’t know where to begin. The Forum Retreat Planning Guide gave us a clear roadmap to follow….[It] helped us create an awesome retreat and avoid many of the pitfalls that could have impacted our experience. Since then, I’ve used it for my executive team retreats too!”

As Russell’s experience reflects, the Forum Retreat Planning Guide was created specifically for Forums, but it provides powerful, timeless concepts that apply to corporate retreats, peer team retreats or any other executive group that is seeking to build relationships and increase authenticity.

Ellie Byrd is the Founder and CEO of ForumSherpa, an executive leadership organization that provides tools and services for high-functioning peer teams, often referred to as Forums. She blends the best structured Forum practices together with warmth and trust, and she is also skilled at recognizing the group and individual behaviors that help teams discover a path to constructive meetings, deep relationships and strong take-away value. Each page of the Forum Retreat Planning Guide benefits from Ellie’s expertise forged from 21 years of worldwide travel for Forum development and retreat facilitation.

ForumSherpa is excited for the prospects that this guide will open up for your retreat, and we are always available to discuss or assist you with your plans!


Available now for $54.95!