Get more value from your next retreat with a facilitated Forum retreat program by ForumSherpa

Most Forums organize an annual retreat to bolster member commitment, enrich interpersonal relationships and increase value in the Forum group experience. We offer a collection of facilitated Forum Retreat programs for individual Forums or Chapter Forums. We can even collaborate with your Forum facilitator to tailor the content to suit your needs.

The following facilitated retreat programs are available exclusively from ForumSherpa:

Forum 2.0® Retreat

Are you ready to take your Forum to the next level? Forum 2.0® is the next stage of a high-value Forum experience, ideal for well-established, healthy Forums. You and your Forum facilitator learn a suite of new tools, processes, and value-boosters from around the globe, presented in a highly-interactive format. It’s powerful, high-energy, fun, and informative! Many of the tools and processes can be applied to your corporate management team too!

Forum 2.0® Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

Forum Depth Retreat

The Forum Depth Retreat is designed to help Forums overcome obstacles to openness and to achieve significant, high levels of depth. You and your Forum facilitator will explore the risks and rewards of authentic, open communications from a clinical perspective, then addresses interpersonal relationships within the Forum that may be affecting your group’s intimacy. The Forum embarks on a journey of increasingly deep exercises throughout the retreat.

Forum Depth Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

Goalkeepers™ Retreat

The Goalkeepers™ Retreat is a unique opportunity to look at where you are today, decide where you want to be tomorrow, and create a road map to get there successfully! Using a proven combination of exercises, tools and techniques, you and your Forum facilitator find the clarity and commitment you need to achieve your dreams. Join the growing number of business owners, executives and success-driven individuals who have experienced this new and powerful program with breakthrough results!

Goalkeepers™ Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

Entrepreneurial Efficiencies

As an entrepreneur, you have a great idea and a lot of energy. That’s a great way to start! What do you need to know to make your entrepreneurial pursuits more efficient? Do you need more focus? How do you handle obstacles? Does your time management have you busy with the right things? What’s the best way to monitor the progress and success of your business? What difference would accountability make? This retreat module looks at 20 different personal and business aspects of the entrepreneurial process and helps you discover ways to increase your efficiency and get to the finish line sooner.

Level 5 Leadership Retreat

Develop your leadership skills now! You and your Forum facilitator embark on a journey of introspection, learning and self-development with the Level 5 Leadership Retreat. This retreat includes several leadership assessments—vision/risk assessment, coaching/listening assessment, DISC personality profile, corporate culture assessment and Level 5 leadership assessment. Through a series of interactive exercises, thought-provoking questions and leadership activities, participants explore a variety of leadership styles, tools and techniques. At the conclusion of the program, each participant creates an action plan for the next 12 months, focused on leadership development and corporate results.

Level 5 Leadership Detailed Info (PDF)

Forum Health Retreat

The Forum Health Retreat is a revitalizing opportunity for you and your Forum facilitator to review the basics, raise value and work on issues and relationships within your Forum. The program begins with a comprehensive Forum Health Survey that measures 87 data points of Forum Health. The retreat agenda, pre-work and on-site exercises are customized and based on the results of the survey.

Forum Health Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

First Forum Retreat

Forums embarking on their first retreat will appreciate the structured, developmental aspects of the First Forum Retreat. This program positions a new Forum for growth and depth. During the program, you and your Forum facilitator address a suite of foundational elements that are critical to a healthy, high-value Forum experience—mission statement, behavioral norms/constitution, meeting structure, processes, member roles and responsibilities, communication protocols, conflict resolution process, annual calendar of activities, topic board, building trust and achieving depth. The program integrates a variety of activities, discussions and exercises that result in a structured Forum plan for the next 12 months and beyond.

First Forum Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

Facilitate your own Forum Retreat

For Forums on a budget or just interested in facilitating their own retreat, ForumSherpa offers customized retreat program planning services to suit your Forum’s needs! One of our ForumSherpa Certified Facilitators will guide you through the process. See the PDF for full details.
Self-Facilitated Retreat Detailed Info (PDF)

Meet our Facilitators

The ForumSherpa Team has decades of combined experienced working with YPO/EO Forums and executive peer groups to achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their professional and personal lives.

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