Forum 2.0®


Forum 2.0® is the next stage of a high-value Forum experience, ideal for mature, healthy Forums that are past the five-year mark and are comfortable and confident in their use of basic Forum protocol and processes.

It’s a results-based meeting format, focused on helping Forum members receive the input they need to tackle issues and navigate life. When peers gather at their Forum meetings to help each other, Forum 2.0® offers a suite of over 30 structured processes and tools, each one crafted to achieve the desired result.


  • Raise value in Forum meetings
  • Learn a suite of new tools, processes and value boosters for Forum meetings
  • Learn new ways to bring topics to the Forum for high-value input
  • Experience new techniques while learning more about ourselves and each other
  • Acquire tools and skills for use with any team

Thank you for introducing our forum to Forum 2.0® and for an incredible retreat experience. After being together for almost 10 years, we desperately needed something to help us refresh, rejuvenate and break out of our rut. With Forum 2.0®, I’m confident that we’ll have long-lasting value for years to come. Thank you!
– Brian B., Western NY


  • Forums, Roundtables, Circles
  • Peer groups, Master-mind groups
  • Executive teams
  • Project teams
  • Advisory boards


ForumSherpa offers four different vehicles for you to learn more about Forum 2.0®:

  • Retreat
  • Chapter Clinic
  • Moderator Programs
  • Summit Experience


Is it time for your Forum’s annual retreat? Could your Forum use an infusion of new energy? What a great opportunity to let ForumSherpa facilitate your next retreat, and demonstrate the methodologies and benefits of Forum 2.0®. You select the location, and we’ll bring the information!

Retreat participants will learn a suite of new tools, processes, and value boosters gleaned from ForumSherpa’s experience around the globe, and then presented to you in an enjoyable and highly-interactive format. It’s a powerful, energetic, fun, and informative retreat for your whole Forum, injecting a dose of new energy that your Forum may need. High-value takeaways include tools and processes that can be applied not only to your Forum, but to your corporate management team as well.

Chapter Clinic

Forum 2.0® is also available at the chapter level!

Join together with other Forums in your chapter to enjoy one of ForumSherpa’s Forum 2.0® Workshops or Learning Events for an hour or an afternoon.

This presentation can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hours, and is the perfect introduction to our Forum 2.0® concepts; it’s also an enjoyable overview of several new Forum 2.0® tools.

And if your Forum wants to learn more, consider a Retreat, or join us for the Forum 2.0® Summit Experience.

Two Moderator Programs

Repeatedly using the same process and exercises can eventually lead a Forum to feeling stale and uninspired. Moderators now have the opportunity and tools to take their Forum to the next level with two fantastic programs offered through Forum 2.0®:

  • Moderator Meeting: a one-hour overview of Forum 2.0® tools and processes
  • Moderator Workshop: a 3 to 8 hour, hands-on program, giving you first-hand experience with Forum 2.0® tools and processes

Forum 2.0® provides a suite of new tools to help re-energize Moderators, enabling them to return to their Forums equipped to increase take-away value, elevate learning, and keep Forums growing to new heights.

Book one of our certified Forum 2.0® Facilitators for your next Moderator meeting or event.