Forum Scheduling Chaos and How To End It

If your Forum is like many, getting a group of busy business executives in one room is a little like herding cats. There are times when you need to reschedule a meeting or add a new event to your activities. Organizing it gets chaotic. Luckily, there is a solution to the forum scheduling chaos.

A Forum in Ottawa Canada solved this dilemma by creating a new role in their Forum – the Scheduling Chair. This person serves as the point of contact for all Forum members when the meeting calendar needs to change. The Scheduling Chair can use online scheduling tools to move the process along. These calendar tools simplify the process for everyone.  The scheduling chair tracks the members’ responses and confirms the date and time that works best.  If a suitable replacement date can’t be found, the requesting Forum member must take a miss for the meeting.

Finding time for meetings can be a tedious process for even the most dedicated Forum member. A scheduling chair can help to bring everyone together with less chaos.