Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

What is EOS®?

  • A proven system for strategic planning and execution.
  • A collection of tools and processes.
  • The only system that works on strategy, execution and your leadership team – all at once.
  • Based on the popular book – “Traction”, by Gino Wickman.

Why Should I Use EOS®?

  • To get what you want from your business.
  • To get clarity on:
    • who you are (core values)
    • why you exist (core focus)
    • where you want to go (long term vision) and
    • how you’re going to get there (the plan).
  • To learn simple, streamlined processes for implementing your strategic plan
  • To build your key leaders into a strong, healthy, cohesive and effective leadership team.

Why Should I Use an EOS® Implementer?

Imagine teaching yourself how to snow ski or how to play the violin. Yes, you may be able to figure some of it out on your own, but to master the craft as quickly and efficiently as possible, you’ll want to learn from an expert who can guide you.

Running a successful business is no easy task. Certified EOS® Implementers are business owners who have received extensive EOS® training and have already applied the EOS® model into their own business(es). Like the skier and the violinist, the business owner will benefit greatly by having a guide to help them navigate their business strategy and implementation.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the benefits:

  • Strategic discussions are richer and more focused.
  • Everyone can participate in the meeting. The facilitator runs the meeting so the leadership team can focus on running the business.
  • The facilitator keeps the conversation on track and on task.
  • The facilitator’s purpose is to help the business be successful – there are no hidden agendas.
  • The facilitator can skillfully guide you through difficult conversation, conflict and challenges.
  • The facilitator brings external EOS® wisdom and experience to the table.

Ellie-Byrd-headshot-300x300About Ellie Byrd

  • Ellie has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years, starting and building several successful businesses.
  • Ellie helps businesses implement EOS®.
  • Ellie is one of a small group of Certified EOS® Implementers.
  • Ellie’s 20+ years of facilitation experience make her an ideal choice to help your company implement EOS®.
  • See Ellie Byrd’s full bio here.

Where Do I Learn More?

For more information on EOS®, go to www.eosworldwide.com.
For more information on booking Ellie Byrd as your EOS® Implementer, contact us!