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For over twenty years, our proven workshops and retreat programs have helped thousands gain deeper insight, improve communications and implement strategic plans in their businesses

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Example Retreat Programs from ForumSherpa

Take your leadership team to new heights with a ForumSherpa retreat program. We have a team of facilitators ready to guide you to the summit!

Leadership Development
The Leadership Development program provides a study of several leadership styles, traits and characteristics. The team engages in a series of assessments, exercises and discussions to explore the application of leadership in the workplace. Each person sets specific goals for leadership development and creates an action plan for successful execution. (2 days, 1 day increments)
Effective Communications
The Effective Communications workshop introduces a shared language for communications to build trust and improve relationships. Participants engage in a series of exercises to practice communication skills such as active listening, feedback, Gestalt Language protocol, conflict resolution and meeting management. (1 day)
Strategic Planning
Using a structured, proven process, the leadership team develops a strategic plan and learns tools to implement the plan. This program is based on business best practices from several timeless methodologies – Good to Great, E-Myth, 5 Dysfunctions of a Team, Traction and Rockefeller Habits. (2 days)
Teambuilding – Team Health
Engage in a variety of exercises to improve team health, get to know each other better and increase open, authentic conversations. This program is custom tailored to fit the unique dynamics of your leadership team and it can be run in separate half-day sessions or a single 2-day session. (varies ½ day to 2 days)
Teambuilding – Personality and Conative Styles
Using the Kolbe assessment and the DISC profile, individuals learn about their own styles and preferences. The team learns more about each other and how to effectively communicate and interact with each other, resulting in improved workplace performance. (1 day)
Creative Solutions
Learn a suite of tools, processes and value boosters from around the globe, presented in a highly interactive format for tackling issues and problems. Practice creative thinking using structured processes to tackle real-world issues. It’s powerful, high-energy, fun and informative. (2 days, 1 day increments)
The Goalkeepers™ Retreat is a holistic view of the business executive and a unique opportunity to assess where you are today, where you want to be and how you’re going to get there. Using a proven combination of exercises, tools and motivational techniques, participants find the clarity and commitment they need to achieve their dreams – personally and professionally. Join the growing number of business leaders and success-driven individuals who have experienced this new and powerful program with breakthrough results! (2 days, 1 day increments)
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