What Does Success Look Like in a Healthy Forum?

What people THINK success looks like…

When you consult a road map, you are typically looking for the fastest route to reach your destination. Let’s say the map shows an unexpected tangle of stops, starts, reverses and detours…you might get where you are going but only after long hours, many tanks of gasoline, and probably lots of cursing. In other words, you would have to give up some of your time, your energy, and a sense of short-term success.

Members of healthy Forums would take this trip anyway and are the ones most likely to achieve success. This is true in business, in relationships, and in Forums.

Most of us go through an idealistic phase when we anticipate a straight shot to success. It reflects our mistaken belief that other people’s roads to success look like straight arrows from one point to another, similar to the image on the right.

What success REALLY looks like

But, if we know the real story, they actually traveled roads that looked much more like an arrow with roundabouts, twists and tangles, full of stops, starts, reverses, and detours.

Healthy Forums anticipate the complicated paths to building a successful group. In preparation, they check and recheck alignment for the needs of individual members and the group as a whole. They practice conflict resolution to maintain harmony without sacrificing individual views or integrity.

Forum members can have healthy discussions from time to time about the issues that slow down or interrupt reaching Forum goals. It is an opportunity for members to re-commit to their Forum, its goals, and each other.