The Power of Silence

Opening the meeting with a minute of silence gives members a chance to make that transition physically and mentally. Overloaded business leaders may have a hard time shifting from their work perspective to their Forum perspective when they first arrive at their meeting.

One minute of silence is particularly valuable to people who were running late. This time can also serve those who came into the meeting pre-occupied or stressed about something in their lives. During this time, people have time to catch their breath, relax and focus on the more introspective Forum frame of mind.

Ideally, everyone closes their eyes during the silence, and a timer lets the group know when the time is up. Some Forums prefer a pause for a silence that is shorter or longer than a minute.

Facilitators who use similar techniques often find the meeting is more productive and members are more engaged from the outset. This leads to greater satisfaction and better results.

Sometimes it’s the little tricks of the trade that have a big impact.