The Power of Focus + Feeling

By Mark Sanna, Sherpa Certified Forum Facilitator

Be a change role model for your team and find role models for yourself as well.  Embrace change yourself to show your team how it is done. If you want to bring change to your business, learn how from someone who has already made the change you desire. Ask about every emotion that the person went through and how she or he overcame the fears associated with the change.

Enlist support, but not from people who will crush your plums.  Family and friends can support or subvert your efforts.  Discuss how the change will affect your life afocus and feeling blognd theirs.  Don’t spring a big move on them and expect immediate support.  If your friends and family cannot support your projected change, find a coach or mentor to serve as a trusted, impartial confidante. This will help you clarify your vision and move prudently in the right direction.

Commit To Embracing Change: F + F – A  =0

 A Focus plus Feeling without Action equals Nothing!  Combine focused action with intense feeling and you will create breakthrough changes in your business and your life.

Act!  Accept that change is a life-long process and that you cannot “control” change. Realize that you are not alone.  Take the focused action with the intense feeling that change requires.  The only thing you can control is your attitude toward change.