Backup Meeting Date

How do you mesh the lives of busy executives with the protocols of Forum? With lots of planning and backup meetings.

Successful Forums set their meeting dates early. Members hold the date as sacred, and schedule around it. But we all know that things happen. There are times when members need the group to reschedule a planned meeting.

A Forum in Minnesota got creative.  When their Forum sets meeting dates, they set two. One is primary and the second is a back-up. It saves them much angst when trying to accommodate a member’s need for a change.

As always, the member who wants to make the change is responsible for getting everyone else to agree to it.  And if they can’t get consensus, they must take a miss.  But having the backup date on their calendar makes the process easier.  One member even says he enjoys having the second time slot blocked on his calendar.  He uses the second block to go off by himself for some strategic thinking and it’s turned into a big bonus for him!

Imagine having a backup retreat date.  Hmm…

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