Jump Start Your Forum Meetings!

A San Francisco Forum added a new component to their regular meetings to jump-start forum meetings. It clears their minds, increases their energy and stretches their attention spans. The magic formula is good, old-fashioned exercise!

Jump-Start Forum Productivity

Moderator Joe said his Forum members found they could jump-start forum productivity when they add a physical activity to the front end of their formal meeting. What they choose to do doesn’t matter – hiking, cycling, hot yoga, climbing a rock wall. It’s the activity that counts and the fact that they’re doing it all together makes it a great way to connect and share a unique experience.  They meet about an hour before their regularly scheduled meeting for the activity of the month.  It gets them in the right frame of mind for their meeting and it’s healthy for everyone!

Some Forums may choose an activity that is acceptable to all and perform it each month. Others may ask each member to choose one each month until all members have chosen one, and so on. The moderator can add an item to the meeting agenda to choose the next month’s activity.

Local Options

If your Forum moves locations frequently or holds retreats in a special location, it could be fun to look into local options. You can go kayaking in Seattle or skiing in Aspen. Small cities are often hidden gems for their special parks, hiking trails, and other adventures.

It’s wise to add a process that protects members’ health. The group could create a protocol that everyone starts with a wellness checkup. Forum members can use that check up to hold a forthright discussion with their doctors about what exercise options are suitable for them. The group can choose from among those options for the safety of everyone.

Transition From Normal Distractions

Whatever choice you make, pre-meeting exercise is a way for members to transition from their normal distractions to focus on their Forum meetings. If members like this idea, get moving and rev up your Forum’s productivity!