Going Hungry for Forum

Successful Forums develop strong bonds among their members. This is part of the “secret sauce” that makes Forum worth the time–and often sacrifice–required to participate.


Members cannot take those bonds for granted though. Like other relationships they must be nurtured, tended, cultivated, maybe even periodically renewed. One Forum opted to add a day of fasting to their meeting preparation in order to boost their bonding. All members agree to go without food from 6 PM the night before their monthly meeting through the next day until their Forum meeting at 6 PM. Then they join together to go out to dinner as a group.


Fasting is used in this way to build bonds among Forum members. It is certainly a shared goal, but it is also a shared experience. There is only one way to follow the exercise–everyone gives up food for 24 hours. They are all together when they reach the 24-hour mark, and they can then celebrate their shared success.