Accountability Anyone?

For most people, peer pressure works. Though it may have negative connotations, it’s a powerful tool to accomplish good things. Forums can use peer pressure to add accountability to members’ goal achievement. Here’s a quick, light way to add it (without adding too much tension.)

Before your meeting adjourns, go around the table and let each person state the #1, most important thing they need to do before the next meeting.  Remind everyone to set a realistic goal for the time they have until the next meeting, and the time they have in their schedules for completing the goal.

Appoint a scribe to record each person’s goal. They might be:

  • Hire a new bookkeeper.
  • Close on the new office lease.
  • Fire my Ops manager.
  • Find a location for our next restaurant.
  • Read Good to Great.
  • Lose 5 pounds.
  • Schedule my vacation time for the year.
  • File for a patent on our new product.

Now the real work begins! Each person has a task that others know they have established. When the Forum meets again they will report on it. The scribes distribute the notes from the previous meeting. Group members get the chance to say one word – “Yes” or “No” – about the goal they had set for themselves (aka closed-end question.) They either completed their task, or they did not.

Some forums up-the-ante by attaching consequences.  For example, if the answer is “no”, they may need to pay a fine, do pushups, pay for dinner after the Forum meeting, sing a song in front of the group, etc. If it makes each person groan just a little, it has served its purpose!