Five Reasons to Hire a Forum Facilitator

Five Reasons to Hire a Forum Facilitator for your Retreat

Engaging a professional Forum Facilitators is a powerful addition to your retreat. Yes, there may be a cost associated with it, but the help of a skilled Forum Facilitator can far outweigh any associated expenditure. Here are five key reasons why your Forum may want to consider hiring a facilitator for your next retreat:

Paid Forum Facilitators are experts in their field. These people can help your Forum achieve new levels of depth, introduce new concepts, and inject new energy in your Forum. They can also help a Forum that is struggling to identify potential problems, as well as guide your group through conflicts and challenges.

Having a hired Forum Facilitator puts all your members on an even playing field. The moderator and the retreat planners can step back from their leadership roles and be fully present for the retreat exercises. By having a professional facilitator run the retreat, all Forum members can participate as peers and equal members.

An outside Forum Facilitator alleviates some of the burden of retreat planning. The facilitator is responsible for providing their own content and materials. Depending on whether the selected facilitator is hired for the entire retreat or just a portion of it, this added help can alleviate a significant burden for the retreat planners and the moderator.

Bringing in a professional Forum Facilitator for your retreat is a beneficial change of pace, especially for Forums that have been together for many years. The new person adds a new dimension and new perspectives to the retreat experience.

Using a professional Forum Facilitator for your retreat is a best practice that has been used by Forums for many years. Some Forums bring in a facilitator for every retreat, while other Forums have never used a professional Forum Facilitator. The recommended best practice is to hire a Forum Facilitator for your retreat at least once every two years.