Spark Energy With Color

Spark Energy With Color

Spark energy with color!

Have you ever seen someone write on a white board with only one colored marker? Monotone. Boring. It can even be difficult to read as the board fills up.

Using a flip chart or white board is a great way to track ideas and keep people focused. But don’t do it with a single color. Add different colors as a technique to add visual interest and energize your group.

Even plain information doesn’t have to be black and white. You can get marker pens in a rainbow of colors. Not only will they create visual interest, you can sort or emphasize ideas simply by assigning them different colors.

And of course, it works for graphics, too. Whether you are creating a table of information or drawing a diagram, alternating colors add impact.

Lastly, studies show that alternating colors make a board easier to read from a distance, and faster to see patterns of information.

So think about color when you’re preparing a presentation or writing on a board, and keep a pack of colorful markers handy. With these samples it’s clear to see why adding color adds zing!