Can You Afford to Burn Forum Time?

Have you ever left Forum wondering what you actually accomplished that day? John Randolph, a politician from Virginia, said time is at once the most valuable and the most perishable of all our possessions. You can set aside time in your schedule every month for Forum, but it is up to you and your fellow members to use it wisely or let it perish.

Most of your Forum involvement yields an array of intangible benefits. Still, there is opportunity cost when you or the group squander your time, regardless of whether or not it is measured in dollars.  What value can you place on someone’s business acumen they share with you? or the benefit to your family when your Forum advises you on how to reduce friction at home?

However, what you can measure is the work value of your time–you can pretty easily calculate the approximate dollar value you derive from an hour spent advancing your business. Multiply that by the length of your meeting (typically four hours for most Forums), and you can get an idea of the dollar figure you’re foregoing in order to attend your Forum. When your Forum time is not used wisely, you not only miss out on the full range of your Forum benefits, you also “burn” real dollars taken away from your other productive activities.

The value of your time is only an issue if you stray from your agreed-upon objectives for any given Forum meeting. Each month as you attend, be prepared, participate fully, and enjoy the fellowship of your colleagues.