Sarah’s passion is bringing out the best in her clients, so they can achieve their goals and transform their lives to be extraordinary. Sarah has the unique ability to engage Forums quickly in a deeply meaningful way, to understand the group dynamics and facilitate positive transformation. She has the insight to ask the right questions with impeccable timing to empower Forum members to be open to the 5%. For Sarah, it is the intersection of passion, strengths, values and engagement that makes facilitation so much fun. She helps Forum members discover this intersection in their lives, relationships and businesses. Sarah has the ability to see clearly and inspire groups to align, focus and rally around a common purpose

Coming from a background as a Licensed Professional Counselor; Sarah is leveraging her 20+ years of experience as an entrepreneurial private practice therapist and her expert knowledge in relationship dynamics, healthy communication and emotional intelligence to establish her niche in the coaching world. In addition to being a Board Certified Coach and FourmSherpa Certified Facilitator, Sarah is an EOS® Implementer. Whether it’s in the corporate sector, an entrepreneurial business or the life of a Forum, Sarah has a unique skill set which is ideal for developing group dynamics, creating healthy communication, illuminating strengths and fostering deep levels of trust. Sarah helps mature Forums expand and deepen the value of their Forum experience through retreat programs that focus on Forum health, life balance, teamwork, leadership, communication, relationships, transitions and legacy. She supports this by establishing a safe, confidential environment and utilizing Forum 2.0® techniques such as Role Play, Debate, Brainstorming, Cloaking, Walk in My Shoes and Six Thinking Hats.

When she isn’t busy helping others imagine and achieve their ideal future, Sarah absolutely loves being with her family and close friends, being active outdoors, tandem cycling with her husband, cooking delicious foods and traveling.