Mike Dunn, FacilitatorMike is a results-focused coach and facilitator and an active member or the entrepreneurial community. Mike’s own business journey began at a young age by growing up in the family business. In 2007, he stepped out on his own to found an oilfield service company–Enerbuilt Technologies–which was twice named to Alberta Venture’s list of the 50 fastest-growing companies. In 2014, Mike himself was named a regional finalist in Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year competition.

Mike’s belief in the power of forum started when he joined EO in 2011 and experienced his first professionally-facilitated retreat. He is convinced that this experience changed his life. That retreat was facilitated by fellow Sherpa Certified Facilitator, Maureen Schantz, whom Mike credits with providing the tools and environment needed to make the positive changes necessary to turn his health and business around.

Since 2014, Mike has completed an Ironman triathlon, coached each of his children multiple times in different sports, and embarked on a journey to give something back to the entrepreneurial community. In 2016 Mike became a professional EOS Implementer, Sherpa Certified Facilitator, and John Maxwell Certified Leadership coach, and now spends his time mentoring young entrepreneurs and coaching executive leadership teams.  He helps executive teams gain alignment of their vision, and then guides them toward generating traction to achieve that vision through increased discipline, greater accountability, and improved team health. The resulting team naturally fosters a more open and honest culture.

Becoming a Sherpa Certified Facilitator is something Mike is deeply passionate about. He genuinely wants each team member he works with to experience the same amazing retreat experiences he had. Being able to help other entrepreneurs create success through the facilitation of positive change in a safe environment is the greatest way he pays tribute to the forum experiences that changed his life.