Matthew Abrams, FacilitatorMatthew’s professional focus is to support individuals and groups in achieving their greatest potential. Matthew has traveled to three-dozen countries as a photojournalist and has cultivated a keen sense in authentically connecting and guiding diverse individuals and groups to achieve their optimum potential. Through Matthew’s travels, he became passionate about the field of adult learning and the unmet need of exploring and articulating purpose.

Matthew writes on leadership, innovation and purpose-driven entrepreneurship for publications such as The Huffington Post, The Guardian of London and the Stanford Social Innovation Review. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management from the SIT Graduate Institute.

Matthew is a sought after speaker both domestically and internationally. He speaks on the learning in the 21st century and the future of business. He has given keynote talks at TEDx conferences, Sustainable Brands, The Innovation Exchange and others.

Matthew has a deep theoretical and applied knowledge of facilitation as well as designing facilitation trainings for others. Industry leaders have referred to Matthew’s facilitation style as being, “incredibly adept at reacting to the dynamics of our group” which leads to, “concrete goals and steps for personal and professional improvement.” His approach is relaxed, yet always outcome driven. Guided by a strong intuitive sense, Matthew is able to support his clients as they work to transcend perceived obstacles in ways the result in personal and professional breakthroughs and team cohesion. His expertise in intergenerational learning has helped people overcome fear and live lives guided by purpose.

Beyond his deep and diverse expertise, Matthew’s most valuable asset is that he brings an unbending love and enthusiasm for this work and will do what it takes to ensure his clients have an optimal experience that results in true growth and valuable change.