Jesús de la Garza brings with him a unique background of psychology, counseling, and entrepreneurial leadership in the steel industry. His extensive experience with Forum training and his strategic location in Monterrey, Mexico make him uniquely qualified to facilitate your Forum training in either English or Spanish.

Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Jesús has a wide range of expertise in business and counseling, having earned master’s degrees in both fields. Jesús specializes in groups, which has expanded his perspective of human behavior, helping to find the challenges a person faces in group interactions.

Jesús is an active member of both the American Counseling Association as well as Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Since 2004, Jesús has been an EO Certified Forum Trainer and served the EO Global Board of Directors from 2006 to 2009. Jesús became a Sherpa Certified Facilitator in 2015 and in 2017 he advanced to Master Facilitator. In May 2018, Jesús graduated from the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP), a unique, executive education-style program hosted by EO and held at MIT Endicott House, located in Dedham, Massachusetts.

To increase people’s level of conscience through group experiences, Jesús develops material on a continual basis. He has created and facilitated seminars on leadership, high-performance groups, and life-planning, among other topics. Jesús has received recognition and numerous awards from EO chapters and organizations around the globe.
Jesús founded De la Garza & Associates in 2015, which is a consulting firm specializing in helping CEO and executives achieve high performance for themselves and their teams. He has also created the Pilot App, a diagnostic tool for groups, and Synapsis, a method combining coaching, counseling, mentoring, and consulting for groups and individuals.

Crafting a legacy together with giving back are both strong drivers in his life, leading Jesús to do pro-bono work in Monterrey for Hombre Renovado, a rehabilitation center for minors.

A restless world traveler, Jesús has visited more than 62 countries, having worked in more than 30. He is an expert in group dynamics and holds a firm conviction that groups can change the world. When he isn’t traveling the world helping others accomplish their goals, Jesús enjoys watching movies, reading and trekking. His favorite phrase is “We are designed to have blind spots, which are the biggest opportunity to increase the level of conscience.