Meet Daniela Wancier, Facilitator

Daniela Wancier is a presenter, educator, consultant and movement specialist. She is 1 of 35 certified Movement Pattern Analysts in the world and a Forum 2.0 facilitator. What gets her out of bed each morning is her passion to help entrepreneurs, business executives and their leadership teams cultivate their self-awareness and team dynamics for optimum harmony and productivity.

Daniela is founder of Suite Decisions, a South Florida-based consulting company that profiles decision-making strengths and challenges as well as communication styles for C-suite executives and leadership teams. She holds numerous certifications including Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis and Movement Pattern Analysis, and she brings a specialized lens of understanding human behavior, relationships and conflict resolution to the table as facilitator. Join her to deepen the ties between your group and to strength the power of your leadership!

Creator and presenter of various workshops, such as The 3 Stages of Decision-Making: Ready, Aim, Fire! and Team Dynamics: Are You in Sync?, Daniela travels across the country to share her message in both large audiences as well as small group settings. Most recently, Daniela presented at the Harvard School of Medicine’s World Conference on Movement and Cognition. She is always highlighting the fact that how we move reveals precisely how we think.

Daniela is also a dancer! She holds an MFA in Dance from the Ohio State University and has been teaching modern dance for almost a decade while serving as director of a college dance program in South Florida.

She believes in the power of movement to heal, to connect, to deepen relationships, to harness productivity and to find joy in all that we accomplish every day.