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Our facilitator knew how to connect with a group: his eye contact and ability to keenly listen is refreshing. He controls the conversations in a way that is not authoritarian and keeps people focused.
Our event would not have been as productive without our ForumSherpa facilitator leading us and keeping focus on the timeline and highest priority of topics.  Keeping us on track and keeping discussions productive led to accomplishing much more than we would have without him facilitating!  Thank you!
Our facilitator took the time to learn about the company before the retreat and it showed. He was able to get things out of us that we would never have known if we did not have him. Sometimes you need someone to ask the right question in order to get the right answer!
Our forum needed a reboot and our chosen facilitator gave us just what we needed.  She stayed on task and also gave us the tools we needed to stay on task.  She gave us lots of structure but stressed the reason for the structure.
Our facilitator did an outstanding job.  She was able to assess where we currently were, where we needed to go, and gave clear and concise ways to get there.


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